Romantic Skies

Romantic Skies

Wishful, wistful clouds go drifting by

somewhere a lonely girl heaves a sigh

somewhere a lover must say good bye

by twilight pirates capture the eye

romance sails with a captain’s aye aye

riding the waves, old salts feeling wry

darkness approaches, cloaking the sky

the moon shines bright, darkness to defy

vampires take to the air, watch them fly

in the shadows elves are heard to cry

take cover or else you may well die

by starlight the heart is filled with chi

chills bring thrills, the night is our ally

romance seeks strong hearts, thoughts of sci-fi

wandering the Universe nearby

new dimensions that seem to belie

reality drifts past, drink some rye

have a piece of mom’s hot apple pie

dreams in the clouds, as the past comes nigh

romantic skies, spirits feeling high.

(c) May 27, 2011 by PBM

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