A Place in the Sun

A Place in the Sun

Kids running, screaming playing, having a ball

grandpa telling tales, kids laughing at his gall

watching ball games, yelling with each good, bad call

weekends were made for fun, no one has it all

work and school days begin with a Monday’s pall

Summer sunshine ends with a hard Summer squall

rainbows display all nature’s colors, like Fall

brilliant greens, rose reds, yellows, blues, nature’s sprawl

forests, mountaintops, life’s pace slows to a crawl

sea shores, far away places, sirens do call

waterfalls, creeks, rivers pass cliffs standing tall

drifting through space, in time everything seems small

seeking truth to last, sensing love, a good bawl

laughing, singing, wallowing in peace, a loll

harmony, reminiscing o’er the long haul

a place in the sun, warmed hearts to feel the sol.

(c) August 19, 2012 by PBM

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