Patchwork Skies

Patchwork Skies

Blues and hues, skies in patchwork disguise

whites and grays, eyes watching the sun rise

tinges of pink, a new day to surmise

a patchwork lying before my eyes

unlike life where and when it all began

we fit together, catch as catch can

starting with a clean slate, having no plan

patching together life like Peter Pan

winds of change moving the pieces about

dark clouds holding waters of life to tout

blues come and go, clouds overlay doubt

happiness comes when patches will sprout

skies unsettled like folks’ minds in disarray

black is white, blue is gray, come another day

the world is seen more clearly as a feat of clay

patchwork skies sewn together, love sowing the way.

(c) April 16, 2009 by PBM

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