Collaring the Girl

The collar symbolizes devotion to her Master

sluts will endure humiliation and pain for The sir

yearning for daddy’s cock in the depths of her wicked soul

to have and to hold, as his bitch, bonding, knowing her role

to suck daddy’s cock off, down on her knees, letting him rule

to have her titties tortured, ass spanked, feeling his deep love

degraded to pure fuck meat, to find her place at his feet

daddy’s whore to be used and abused, yet staying humble

eyes for daddy’s cock, her love for his juices are real

to wear his smells is her pleasure, the slut has zest and zeal

submitting for daddy’s pleasure, giving him all her best

nothing held back, collared – the slut bends of their own free will.

(c) January 12, 2014 by PBM

The Dominant Soul

The dominant soul seeks only self control

has no need for beauty, yet will it extol

abides by nature’s ways, plays the strong role

pushes fears aside, others to console

takes no captives, letting love have its way

watching for one willing to obey

moving on, his heart he cannot betray

caring and loving like an old cliche

passing time, building up his self-esteem

putting the past away, no need to scream

tolerant, giving, yet acting supreme

the dominant soul, a submissive’s dream!

(c) December 26, 2009 by PBM

The Submissive Soul

In the depths of a submissive’s soul

there is a dark place where she feels whole

where she feels safe to let herself go

in the hands of her master’s control

to love who she is, heart to extol

giving up power, love to console

leaving fear behind, playing her role

letting life flow for sake of her soul.

(c) December 25, 2009 by PBM

Training the Ho

A slut is a whore to the depths of her soul

wanting to be taken not in part, but whole

persuaded to submit, her Masters deep goal

surrendering her charms, playing her dark role

taking pain in pleasure, her heart to extol

greeting Master’s cock with her lips to console

sucking every drop of cum from His hot pole

rimming His ass like a slut paying her toll

becoming obedient, sweet like a foal

a ho in heat for pain, mind bent for control!

(c) May 11, 2011 by PBM

Beating the Ho

Whips and chains, wanting tied down, someone in control

a submissive ho waits, seeps into a dark hole

lashes strike her bare ass, find the depths of her soul

she screams out, begging for more, her pain to extol

wet from excitement, nothing but pain to console

needing a beating, release, relief in her role

a ho for punishment, suffering her dark goal

her marks, bruises, tears and screams, make her feel more whole

baring her soul in dark pleasures, paying the toll

with her body, her soul in the sadist’s control!

(c) December 28, 2009 by PBM

Daddy’s Ho

Daddy’s girl has fire in the belly of her soul

waiting for daddy to rock with fire in His pole

to taste His cum in bliss, fill each and every hole

to be spanked and beaten when not respecting His role

hair yanked, put on her knees, daddy’s cock to extol

sucking daddy off as needed to reach His goal

cleaning His cock, the depths of His soul to console

being His cunt, bitch, sub slut and ass rimming Ho!

(c) May 11, 2011 by PBM

Daddy’s Buttercup

Daddy will stick my hand down into your panties

to feel you up

sticking my fingers into your pussy so wet

to start filling you up

you need daddy’s love and a thirst quenching fuck

to be daddy’s buttercup

you need your titties tortured, and a good butt fuck

to fill up your love cup

you need your nipples bitten, to give your heart a rush

your mouth full of cock

to suck and gurgle like a wounded thrush

to be fucked into oblivion

wanting ever so bad to be daddy’s lush

needing your ass spanked

to turn your ass cheeks to a ruddy red blush

to have your hair yanked

to be used and abused till your mind is pure mush

to love being wanked

to be daddy’s luscious little buttercup.

(c) January 1, 2012 by PBM

Happy Places

Old time pop radio and television shows



us to places in the mind, our hearts to expose



sounds breaking up your peace in times of sweet repose



brought color TV, a short circuit, the screen froze



games made the girls hoot and holler, wearing hot clothes



hula hoops and wide skirts, wearing full length striped hose



kissing the girls, girls hoping to hear guys propose



flower girls singing in high pitched voices, on tip toes



glistening as The Shadow knows, watching Happy Days

death and


Charlie Manson, girls gone crazy, in a malaise



is in fashion, getting high on weed, in a daze



Petticoat Junction, falling in love, in a haze



in the park in daylight, then watching High School plays



each other, playing hide and seek, the sunset’s blaze



up on events in the hometown, happiness stays



hands for a sense of closeness, a sensual phase



the soul, watching Gilligan’s Island, laughing hard



for the times we live in, feeling good, avante garde



up to be creative, cruising the boulevard



for good against evil, Angels are standing guard


Hi Ho Silver

the Lone Ranger and Tonto show up on Diehard



friends and family, playing in the barnyard



horseback riding, listening to the radio bard



in the highlights of Ed Sullivan, stars regard



intimate on the sofa, watching The Flintstones



for The Adams Family, with a skull and crossbones



over I Dream of Jeannie, love in the hormones



at the boob tube, Once Upon a Time, someone moans



channels, Alfred Hitchcock shows, Alice, Game of Thrones



while watching The Honeymooners, and Sherlock Holmes



by The Life of Riley, Hunger Games, eating scones



over The Brady Bunch, The Jetsons, ice cream cones.

(c) May 26, 2016 by PBM


Good and evil contest over barbaric actions



for the souls of innocents, embrace of extractions



up to violence, tackling tight fisted reactions



with twists and turns, obscured by darkest of abstractions



people into animals, make snake charm distractions



monsters and demons, with mystical interactions



the souls of good folks, with dark, divisive infractions



dealings with innocents, imposing faulty sanctions



applied to goals, imposing consequences beguiled



the fate of innocents with spells, making them exiled



the souls of children, twisting, turning them to be wild



the minds of the foolish, with an evil foster child



weak minded folks, making them feel ashamed and reviled



molding of creations, made by an evil brainchild



beginnings take hold, the mind becomes less reconciled



the hearts of innocents, their gibberish is profiled



young folks with feasts and drink, intoxicating their minds



the minds of the young, dancing and doing twisted grinds



monster pie with young cooked to the bone, witch’s finds



tales brought to life, fairy-tale witches want fat behinds



sprites spring about, watching as a calliope unwinds



images portrayed to incur a wrath that reminds



beings issue forth, in a wonderland of all kinds



sets in, surrounding everything, as sanity blinds



creatures come out to feed with creative kids in sight



monsters hiding in closets, under beds lurk till night



wake in the dark, go looking for blood in the twilight



shadows issue forth, following us in the daylight



zombies following, gray shades their souls, hiding their plight



hides the elves and brownies, ghouls come crawling out to fight



carry pirates with wenches, Jolly Rodger’s delight



from your nightmare, seeing what is forsooth in the light.

(c) May 22, 2016 by PBM

Kitchen Slut

My slut is in the kitchen preparing something for us to eat. I watch as she moves about the kitchen swinging that fine ass about. I feel my cock harden and my mood darken. As she moves in front of the sink with her back to me. I hasten to move quietly towards her. I move up against her and press my body to hers as I place one hand between her legs and her passive, waiting pussy and the other grabbing a fistful of one breast, squeezing it hard. My slut turns her face towards me, striving to reach my lips with hers. I pull my head back out of her reach. Now she knows what is about to happen, it is not just simple playfulness.

I release her breast and now wet pussy, then grab a fistful of hair with one hand and grab her by her sweet ass with the other. I usher her into the bedroom on tippie toes. She gasps and tries to keep her balance. I hurry her along and as we approach the bed I toss her on it harshly. I say, “Get on your back bitch, and get out of those clothes quickly!”

She quickly does so to avoid my ire, throwing her clothes helter skelter. I grab her and pull her crosswise on my bed. I leave her head just hanging over a bit to achieve the right angle. I say, “Stay that way, you nasty slut! I’m going to tie you down for my pleasure.”

She relaxes as I get my ropes. I look hard at her, never smiling. I begin to tie her down, first one wrist to a bedpost adjacent to her, then the other wrist to the far side. Her gorgeous breasts are now exposed and fully accessible for my pleasure. My slut sighs as she waits. I say, “Just shut up bitch, you will get yours most certainly and soon enough.”

Now I get my small twine to bind her lovely breasts. I slowly and very methodically bind first one, then the other, pushing them out and making them bulbous and quite red, blood gorged as it were. I pop on a couple of c-clamps to her expanded nipples. I tighten them slowly and allow the pain to rise nicely and sensually. My slut moans. I say, “Does my slut like the pain, smiling evilly.”

She moans again. I smack her face lightly and then yank back on her hair hard. She grimaces as I say, “You love it bitch, I know you do!”

Now I tell her to raise her legs over her body towards me. I grab one leg and tie it to the bedpost adjacent to that side and the same one that her wrist is tied to. I do the same thing with the other leg only tying to the other side. I do all this quite intently and methodically. My slut is beginning to anticipate what is to come, but she does not know what that is. Smells of the body begin to fill the air. It is erotic and overpowering. Now she is tied nicely with all holes exposed and fully accessible, her ass high in the air and ready to be pounded as it should be. She is spread-eagle with a wide and tight securing. She moans a bit again. I place a gag in her mouth for an upcoming event. Feeling her anticipation rising, I move to the other side of the bed with a butt plug in hand, a large one. I look at her lying there helpless. Gawd it feels so good. I KY the butt plug good and her asshole too. Then I begin to insert two fingers to begin opening her up. I tell her to relax as I open her and continue making circular movements with my fingers, adding a third and continuing. Finally I insert the plug with one big push. My slut screams as she feels so violated but her scream is muffled by my gag. I feel smug and secure.

Now the preparation is complete. I grab my belt and begin. I whale on her ass hard and she screams almost silently as I work on her sweet ass. She begins to cry hard. But I keep on whaling, evil sadist that I am. I love it so. I stop after a short while and begin now to smack her pussy with my bare hand. She has stopped crying now, begins to moan and writhe a bit, squealing once in a while. I smack her pussy good until it palpitates and swells. Ahh this is nice I think. She is now ready for the best part. I walk back to the side where her head hangs over. I remove the gag and say, “guess what lover?

Now you get the sweet thang down your throat. As my slut works her mouth around loosening up from the gag, I shove my cock deep in her throat making her eyes pop out. I look at her with a knowing grin now. I begin to deep throat her, working my cock slowly and watching my slut struggle to regain control. Soon we have a nice rhythm going and it is pleasant. Suddenly I stop and she almost gags. I bend over her as I put on my latex glove. I KY the glove a bit. I reach toward her swollen pussy. I insert two fingers and begin to make circles with them, opening her up as with her asshole. She senses what is to come. I pull back for a minute, pull my cock out of her mouth and ask, “You know what is coming don’t you slut?”

She quickly responds, “You son-of-a bitch!”

I laugh and say, “You know you want this, bitch, so shut up and take what you so fucking well deserve.”

Then as she tries to speak again I shove my cock deep in her throat and her words are all garbled. I smile to myself and get back to my work.

I now insert 3 fingers and continue to open her up, occasionally moving my cock back and forth in her sweet mouth. After a good while she is opening nicely and I thrust my cone shaped hand into her vagina. Her body bolts trying to both reject and swallow my fist, but I win. She moans loudly as I make a fist now and begin to fuck her good. She moans and moans and I know she loves it as she cums magnanimously again and again, continuously. I know I am pleasing her now and I do love it so even as I do love hurting her. That is the paradox of me, giver of pain and pleasure. I fuck her good and as she begins to fade I stop and pull out of her. She bolts ever so slightly again as I remove my hand. I pull my cock out of her sweet mouth and ask, “Was it as good for you as it was for me, you sweet slut?”

She gasps, “Better, thank you Sir, I love you so much!”

I sit down beside her head and caress her and brush her matted hair away from her face. She smiles with dazed eyes and lies limp resting.

I get up and walk around a bit, but I am not through. And she does not know it. I leave her lying there a bit to regain some strength for the coup de gras. I watch as her eyes begin to sparkle somewhat again. Then I say, “We are not through slut! I am not at all done with you.”

My slut breathes hard and exhales awaiting my next attack on her sweet, soft body. I do love soft, sweet things – to hurt them so good! I move towards her from the rear. I yank the butt plug from her ass and finger her slowly. My slut moans in anticipation of what is to happen next. I shove my cock deep inside her as she grimaces and moans loudly. I begin to fuck her hard and fast. I keep it going till I explode inside her, then relax as I enjoy my release, settling there and resting. I need to go pee now. So I nonchalantly release my very large bladder inside her filling her so full. My slut now aches so bad and moans loudly. I say, “Tough it out bitch, you knew to expect this.”

She just moans and I just laugh a bit, sadist that I am. I pull out of her and tell her, “Don’t spill a single drop as I untie you and walk you to the bathroom, bitch!”.

She knows what will happen if she does. I begin to untie her slowly. She wriggles a bit and moans some more, saying, “Hurry Sir, I may explode.”

I laugh again and move a little more quickly. As I release the last rope she hops up quickly and I laugh hard again. I grab her by then hand, c-clamps flopping as I walk her to the bathroom. She sits down and explodes in the toilet. I smile at her as she looks so relieved. And she was, most certainly. I reach my head down and kiss her gently on the lips. She kisses me back and says, “Thank you so much Sir. It really was nice, more than you can know. You will never know how the subbie feels but it is wonderful if you must know. And I love you for making me who I am today.”

The End! Happily ever after!

(c) May 27, 2011 by PBM